The basics of yoga in 5 days – free live challenge


17:00 (5pm) GMT+1 (London time)


Always wanted to start practicing yoga, but don’t know how to begin?
Learn the basics of yoga from the comfort of your home in a secure and encouraging environment.
After the challenge, you will be able to continue practicing by yourself or join a group class with confidence.


You will learn:

  • what is yoga
  • how and why to practice it
  • basic asanas
  • basic meditations techniques
  • basic pranayama techniques

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I finished a Yoga teacher training course in 2014 in Kashmir Shaivism School of yoga in Dharamsala, India. I've been practicing and teaching privately since then.
I enjoy Hatha and Iyengar inspired yoga the most. For me, yoga is a balanced, relaxed and happy mind as well as a healthy body.

yoga challenge
yoga challenge

Cover photo by Eneko Uruñuela on Unsplash


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