Who’s responsible?

I don’t know how about you guys, but I have to deal with a lot of guilt when thinking about what we have done for our environment and humanity. Although it is good to admit the current situation, admit the damage and how we are/have been a part of it, it is not good to sink in depression and destructive thoughts.

We are looking here for constructive and effective solutions. And the base for this kind of development is seeing the whole picture first and calling everything by its own name. Yes, we, as consumers, as Western civilization have been encouraging the current development, but also, yes there are corrupted governments that take advantage of their own people and don’t want to stop it even by cost of their own people’s suffering and inhuman living and working conditions and the last but, boy, not the least, there are these greedy corporations that make millions on other’s people blood, sweat and tears.

So if we want to throw stones there are a lot of places where we can start before we come to actual consumers.
But so why everyone is talking about consumers responsibilities? I just figured it out, literally this morning, it’s because we can together change the situation, by our own choices. We don’t need to try to change governments, we don’t need to be in a high management position to be able to have an impact.

We can change the situation by simply choosing right. So let’s be happy about this chance instead of feeling guilty and bad about ourselves. That’s the true consumer’s responsibility in my opinion and we should celebrate our power of choice and desire to help, not to feel bad about other people’s mistakes.

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Cover photo by Henry Desouza Nelson

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