What do you do?

As I continue researching the concerns around fast fashion and looking for solutions, the same thought keeps coming to my mind – all the information is out there; it’s not a secret. These issues are not a recent discovery. For several years, they have been covered by some amazing YouTube videos, TED talks, and articles. So how come the situation is not really changing?

Of course, there are slight changes such as movements like the Fashion Revolution, which I admire. I respect what they are doing. But to me it feels like general public awareness of the issues is very low.

In almost any daily conversation you will still hear people talking about meaningless purchases, and there are the crazy and wasteful amounts of plastic being used – not even daily, but hourly – just because, for a fraction of a second, it’s more convenient.

Ideas, solutions? How do you deal with the desperation around issues that are so important when most people are completely ignorant about them?

Cover photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash.

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