Wake up calls

Modern slavery

Why do you care so much? Why don’t you just live your life peacefully and let other people decide what’s acceptable and what’s not? You will not change this world by yourself. There are so many other problems anyway.

Isn’t it better just to close your eyes and pretend that everything is okay?

But my life is so boring. And look, there are seasonal discounts! And the only way to make my life a little bit more exciting is to grab more and more stuff that I don’t really need. However it will fill up the hole I have in my soul for some time.

Ring a bell?

I’m exaggerating, but I’m doing it on purpose. That’s the time to wake up. That’s the time to change your life and life of millions of other people.
There are many problems in our world. And if each one of us will try at least not to make things worse, we can make it better.

My suggestion is when shops will open up again, think what are you buying and who made it? Do you really need those clothes that children and mostly women made and got hurt and abused while making them? Would you like to work in those conditions for the sake of the convenience of other people?

Unfortunately, slavery didn’t finish in the 19th century. It is happening now. And we can stop it.

I am also thinking about if one day I will have kids, and eventually, they will ask me, how did you live in that fucked up world and why didn’t you do anything?

I don’t want to be the one who will say that others suffering was just too comfortable for me and everybody else did it. So I thought it’s okay, it was just too convenient to keep my eyes closed.

Get out from the box

Life has so much more to offer to us, but we often forget about that and get stuck so easily in so small thinking patterns. They’re so tiny, but it’s so hard to get out from there.

I don’t even have any solution, I guess each one of us should figure out something for themselves. The key is to think in the direction of how to be independent.

But the thing is that your surroundings will most probably do everything possible to keep you in a “safe” area. And that’s one of the traps. All your life you’ve probably been taught that you need to listen to your parents and other older people, cause they know better. All your life you’ve been rewarded for obeying the rules and punished for not to.

So in this case, even your own mind will tell you, are you doing something wrong? C’moon, everybody (in your surrounding) live their little lives with big depts, what’s wrong with you? Why aren’t you happy?

Well, you’re not happy, cause this is the way you are. And if you are not, it’s better to admit it to yourself. The thing is, generations after generations have been getting it wrong. Trying to please authorities around them (parents, teachers, bosses, partners) and passing this wrong pattern to their kids.

So if you see yourself as a bit different, not fitting, don’t worry, it’s probably for the best. These patterns are standing on their adepts, like financial pyramids, the more “victims” the stronger it is. So when somebody is trying to get out from the system, other ones usually take it hard and try even harder to keep you in the safe circle.

And here you’ll need to reeducate yourself. You’ll do “the bad” thing, while it’s actually good. And faster you do it, the easier it will be. Instead of putting energy into trying to fit yourself into the system that was designed to consume your time and energy while giving you a false image of safety, you’ll put your energy into exploring your true powers and abilities and truly contribute to the world and yourself.

No rules

You can not put life in a box, write a prescription on it and take it from 7 to 23 on daily basis occasionally trying to forget yourself either by drinking/taking drugs or going to vacation every now and then and pretending to be happy.

It simply doesn’t work like this in the long term.

The faster you realize and accept the fact that life is a creative, live energy that doesn’t have stable terms and conditions the faster you will be truly alive and happy.

Cover photo by Michael Rosner-Hyman on Unsplash, second photo by Anika Huizinga on Unsplash, third photo by Peter Conlan on Unsplash

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