The power of thought

Sometimes I get flows of thoughts into my head. And I like to write them down. Then I enjoy collecting them and creating kinds of collages of my thoughts on paper.
I think it’s fun and refreshing.

Everyone can find something inspirational or maybe even surprising for themselves. Or maybe not. 

Stay positive and true to yourself. Sometimes you need to see all the things and only then concentrate on the positive. Don’t lie to yourself when you don’t feel good but also don’t get stuck in the negative emotions.

Are you moving forward or are you running away?

Let life surprise you.

the power of thoughts

When you can change the situation, do everything possible to change it. If you can’t, accept it.
Not the other way around.
Read it again.

Don’t think what should or shouldn’t be, what do you want or don’t want in the future.
Change your attitude towards the situation now. What can you change now?
Decide what do you want to have now and let worries about the future go.
If now is right the future will adjust accordingly.

Are we programmed to have troubles? Can you achieve something by enjoying?

You can choose what you feel.

There are speed limits of your mind that are needed to protect you at some point. But when you realize that you don’t need them anymore, they disappear.

Your dreams don’t come true because they’re not your dreams.

Or they are too small. Are you still limiting yourself to things you know and think this is how it “should be”? Are you completely open to the universe?

When you are in fear, it creates vibrations that stop the flow. And you get where you are not supposed to be. When you are in love, those vibrations disappear. And the energy that is meant for you flows to you.

It took me a long time to realize that I’m just not fitting into the old systems anymore. There’s nothing wrong with me it was the system that was wrong.

The hardest is to get out of the paradigm that you have to do something that doesn’t resonate with your heart. And allow yourself to act accordingly.

the power of thoughts

Cover photo by Johannes Plenio, second photo by Ann, third photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash. 

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