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The High Cost of Our Cheap Fashion by Maxine Bédat

A fascinating lecture about problems in the fast fashion industry that most of us, unfortunately, are not aware of yet and some good thoughts on solutions, that I totally agree with.

Here some of them:

  • “we really can love our clothes again”
  • “if we focus on loving what we buy, we gonna end up buying less and enjoying it better”
  • “think of your purchases in terms of cost per wear, think of it as an accountant would think of these things, in that way you’re not stuck not just in a price tag but you can see your clothing as an investment in a long term”
  • “because this chaotic, polluting and unjust system is really entirely within our hands to control”
  • “if we use our dollars to support that effort, to support slow fashion we might find that we feel better in our clothes and we’ll be using our power to clean up the planet”

Enjoy watching!


Cover photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash.

2 thoughts on “The High Cost of Our Cheap Fashion by Maxine Bédat

  1. It’s a sentiment echoed by another recent entrant to the sustainable fashion space. Zady, an online fashion brand dedicated to greening its supply chains, argues for the same existential justification. “If we were just an advocacy group, we might just be speaking to the same people,” said Zady CEO Maxine Bedat — the same people, as in environmentalists who already care about making green choices. Bedat argues that the fashion angle allows the message to reach consumers that might not already be thinking about these issues.

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