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Sustainable fashion inspiration from EDIS

I continue my series of interviews with people who inspire me. Today I have an amazing sustainable fashion designer from EDIS Stephanie Gonçalves. If you haven’t read about EDIS yet, make sure to do it here. And let’s see what Stephanie can tell us about her journey into sustainability.


A quick introduction: where are you from, for how long are you in a sustainable fashion business and how did you start your designer career?

I was born in Switzerland but my parents are Portuguese. I lived in Bern until I was 12 years old and then I returned to my parent’s country until nowadays. I graduated in fashion design in 2016 and started my career in fashion since then. I started to make two internships in two different fashion brands. The first one was MDMA SHOES and it was a very sustainable brand. I think my interest in sustainability started after this internship. Later, I did another internship in Quebramar that is a bigger company and the feedback was totally different. They are a fast fashion brand and my vision of fashion changed a lot after this work. Since 2016, I also produce my own clothes and creative pieces for others, all handmade and tailor-made.



How and when you got interested in sustainability in the fashion industry?

I started to gain some consciousness when I made the first internship. I realized that fashion industry is one of the most polluting of the whole planet and I thought that I could not just work in a company that produces the collections in India and China. I had to make something that would make me and also the world happy, so I started to work with EDIS, that truly cares about sustainable fashion.


What do you think is the biggest issue in the current fast fashion industry? ​

The biggest issue of the fashion industry is the marketing and brainwashing that is made all over consumerism. We are bombed every day with new pieces, new collections, new products that we don’t even need but the companies make us believe that we actually need all this. All this information leaves us stressed and anxious and we start to believe that if we don’t wear trendy clothes we will not be accepted by society. And this is clearly a mistake. I think most people don’t know the whole process of clothing production so they don’t have any consciousness about how much the pieces actually cost.


What is the best solution from your point of view?

The information is the best weapon we can have. It could be important to teach some important information about sustainability in school and at home. After that, it is really important to change mindsets. People have to stop consuming things that they don’t need. Everything has to start from the inside.


What is your favorite item you made?

​My favorite creation was a two-piece outfit I made for my final graduate collection inspired by the country and nature. I think it’s really important to always stay connected with our roots and nature, and this collection translates this. sustainability


What kind of things do you like to create the most? What are your favorite materials to work with?

​I love to create free clothes, unique pieces and everything that starts from an idea I had in my mind. These are the most meaningful and emotional pieces. I like to explore different fabrics but I always try to work with natural fabrics like linen, for example.



What is your inspiration? ​

My inspiration is nature, people and emotions.



Why should people order their clothes from EDIS? 🙂

​People should order clothes in EDIS because EDIS give them the opportunity to work with great designers that are arms open to making customers happy. They have the opportunity to have unique pieces, sustainable pieces and even if they pay a little more for the items, they can be sure that nobody will wear the same piece. Our mission at EDIS is to create an emotional connection between the clothes and the customer.


Anything else you would like to add?

This mindset starts from within ourselves, within our homes. I think it would be important for everyone to just start to make a selection at home of what they actually use and of what they used once or never. This consciousness is important to move forward and to make the correct choices.


I really hope you got inspired by Stephanie’s words. I totally agree with her, the change starts from within, within our home and within our closet. If you would like to make your first order from EDIS make sure to use the code ANNALOGIC10 and get -10e here!

*an update from EDIS – at the moment they are focusing on orders mainly from Europe*


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Cover photo by Designecologist on Unsplash. All the rest of the photos in the post were kindly provided by Stephanie Gonçalves.

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