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Sustainable clothing at Bageeya

On my search for sustainable and ethical clothing solutions, I was so lucky to find Jigisha Shukla and her Bageeya eco-clothing brand.
Bageeya eco-clothing provides ethical and sustainable textiles and garments. But the most fascinating part is the completely natural and organic dyeing techniques that are used at Bageeya.

I think the future of the fashion industry belongs to this kind of young, extremely sustainable and conscious brands.

But let’s ask Jigisha a few questions and find out more about Bageeya’s practices and values.


Where are you from and what is your main occupation at the moment?

I am from India, Vadodara – a city in Gujarat, also known as Baroda. It is named for the vad (banyan) trees that flourish in the area. Currently, I am expanding my wings with my baby brand Bageeya as the founder and the head of the design.

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How did you get into the sustainable clothing business?

I consider nature as a first god and from the very beginning, I was involved in my little ways of saving on resources like reusing wastewater, saving electricity, and using resources as least as possible. My inclination towards understanding carbon-neutral crafts of India – made me go deeper in the area of sustainability where human connection, energy-efficient, minimal carbon footprint processes where involved.


Why did you start Bageeya eco-clothing?

Learning textiles and craft made me realize the possible innovation in the second most employment generating industry of India. I wanted to bring a unique change towards adding an element of joy in textile printing and creating one of the kind conceptual garments for the urban conscious customer, still very rooted and environmentally friendly.


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What kind of materials do you use and why?

Bageeya was created to bridge the gap between the weaver society and the consumer. We source 100% hand-loom and handwoven fabric directly from weaver (you can find their contact details on our website) and then we dye them with healing herbs and flowers. We use natural trims like coconut shell buttons, shells, katdana (stone and glass beads) and zari yarns for our trimming purpose. Our tags are made up of seed paper which can be planted and our threads used in construction are 100% compostable cotton threads.


What are your favorite ones?

I love fluttering in our reversible Kimono Jackets, Strap dresses are easy to sneak in, all of the sarees with a soothing palette and fun urban elements are my favorite.


Who makes clothes at Bageeya? Who are your artisans? Why did you choose to work with them? 

Our creators are a trivial group of self-taught craftswomen, who belong from a very simple Indian background. They channelize their inner potential in creating beautiful textile art pieces while learning every day the unique behavior of the natural dye. At Bageeya we believe in fair wages and also in providing our artisans and workers with a nurturing environment where they can learn new aspects of their craft and utilize their skill to its optimum level.


The weaver family of Bageeya extends across different regions of India ranging from Gujarat to Bihar, and from Madhya Pradesh to Andhra Pradesh, providing our customers with the best of hand-looms.


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What is your mission and how do you want to see the clothing industry in the future?

I want more transparency from the design fraternity in making people more aware of sustainable fashion and maintaining the ethnicity of their work and craft. Community support towards bringing sustainability to masses could be a major change that Bageeya would actively like to propagate and promote. People should come together to create more knowledge of handcrafted utilities and create more livelihood options for artisan communities across the world. Let’s just not be a sustainable being, a mere marketing word. The world needs to come out to make it the most common approach for each of our livelihood. 

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Government schemes for textiles and environmental assessment could bring major support for entrepreneurs working towards creating major positive changes in the clothing Industry.


Anything else you would like to add?

On our campaign towards building human connection.

During this transformative time, Bageeya as a sustainable and conscious brand wanted to take an initiative to create a “Conscious Community” which will inspire people to inculcate sustainable habits in their lives, further enhancing the living condition of human beings and the beauty of our mother nature.

Before we move forward we would like to give a glimpse of our Bageeya as a Brand. We are a small community of Self taught craftswomen, who desire to put their efforts into healing humanity and mother nature, through our consciously crafted Eco-Dyed and Eco-Printed garments. At Bageeya we use herbs and flowers withholding medicinal properties on handwoven natural fabrics to construct zero waste, versatile, and multi-functional garments.

We are looking forward to collaborating with individuals, who believe in the cause of “Sustainability” and want to inspire others and in the process teach themselves the art of being fashionable, trendy, and stylish by being conscious and kind to themselves and our beloved nature.

We are looking forward to building a family of blossoming individuals who are ready to forge forward towards a bright, healing, and nurturing life.🌷

This is our little effort to make a space in your heart 🌸

To initiate this trend, we would like to associate with like-minded influencers who would be interested in promoting our products

Proposal :

-On the sale of products worth Rs 25000/- or more through association, influencers would receive a monetary award of 10% of total sales.

– The other 10 % of its sale will be donated to craftsmen whose life is shut under the pandemic.

Please visit our website to get started 🌻

Hope you enjoyed the story of Bageeya!

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All the photos in this post were kindly provided by Jigisha Shukla.


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  1. That’s very interesting how the clothing industry works. I love that your changing the world through clothes! ♥️

  2. I absolutely LOVE your company mission, the amount of clothes that goes into the trash every year is a topic that doesn’t get talked about enough and this is so refreshing to see!

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