5 steps to achieve success


1. Clear space 

First of all, get rid of all the stuff you don’t need or enjoy anymore. Yeah, it’s not something new, but to my surprise I keep seeing people living in their homes full of crap they’re not using for a long time. These kind of things create stuckness not only in the physical reality but also in the more subtle one. Be gentle on yourself and don’t throw everything at once. Slowly but surely make space to new energy to arrive into your life. And you’ll create that space by clearing out your physical surrounds.
Set reasonable timelines. Decide how much time each task might take and keep that deadline. If you know you will be able to clear all of the space you live in in 2 days, that’s great. But if there are other day-to day tasks you must perform as well, so pick a deadline that you know you’ll be able to achieve. It can be one week, one month, anything.

The most important thing is to stick to the plan.
And if for some unforeseeable reason you will not be able to do that, so reevaluate your plan and make a new one. While being in the process of freeing up your physical environment, make sure to do same in your emotional environment as well.

Again, don’t be harsh and don’t try to hurt anyone. But remember to keep your emotional surroundings as peaceful and comfortable as possible. Don’t be lazy as well! If you know you can do a bit more in certain relationships, so do so 🙂

But if something just doesn’t work anymore and you’re kind of dragging it from feeling that you “have to”, think about it, maybe it is time to let go. Gently and kindly.

But to build something new you must make space. And if you want new better energies to enter your life, you must clear the space for them.

2. Physical activity 

Start doing sport of your liking on a regular basis. And again, be persistent, but reseanoble. If you can practice every morning, go for it. But if you know that it will not be possible, at least at the moment, don’t set yourself impossible standards and start slowly. Once a week will be a great start! And once it becomes a nice routine for you, you can start doing it twice or three times a week. But the most important thing is to start and to make yourself get used to the idea of regular physical activity.

It’s also a great opportunity to try something new. Don’t know which sport to start with? Choose one and try it! If it’s possible, you can even try something new every week until you find what you like the most.

In case you might be interested in yoga (or you wonder if you might be interested or not) you can join me for my yoga practice from the comfort of your own home here.

I personally practice yoga on a daily basis 6 times a week. And when the weather is permitting me to run, I go for a run. But in the winter months, for example, it’s not always possible, but I don’t stress because of that. I just enjoy running whenever it is possible for me.

3. Evaluate your current situation

Now when you slowly get yourself and your home into a more fit shape and after you clear your physical environment, you can start evaluating your current point of life. What kind of emotional state are you at the moment? And what is it that you would really love to achieve? What have you achieved already?

Every person’s life path is so different, but a bit too often we tend to compare ourselves to other people without even knowing what they went through in order to get where they are now.

So again, take your time and look around your life path. Maybe take some notes.

You can draw a circle, divide it into several parts (kind of like pizza slices) and name each slice a different aspect of life. It can be as simple as “body, business, relationships, emotions” or more detailed, like “work, house, family, friends, hobby” and so on.

It’s your plan, so you decide. The most important thing is to be as honest and as brave as possible.

If you want to achieve true success, it means you’ll have to look into places in your life that aren’t that pretty necesseraly. You can’t improve something until you notice it.

And now divide each slice into, let’s say, 5 horizontal pieces and color each one of them according to your happiness in each section (as in example below). For example, if you’re not really satisfied with certain aspects of your life, so maybe color only the first part of the slice, and if you’re completely happy about it, so color it completely.

At the end of that exercise, you’ll clearly see what aspects of your life need some prepping.

Also remember to pay attention to the things you already have achieved. This is very important as well. Acknowledge what you already have and what you are happy about. If there is something that you have and you are not happy about it go back to step 1. 

4. Plan

Now that you have cleared space for new things to be able to arrive into your life, you have got your body moving, and now you know more clearly what are you happy about and what are the things you want to work on, make the plan.

I would advise choosing one aspect of your life at the time. And again, make reasonable timelines. And even if you don’t stand by them, evaluate them and start again. Continue until success 🙂

Remember, patience and consistency as well as a positive and brave attitude will take you far.

5. Books

And finally, I would recommend reading these two books: “Artist’s way” by Julia Cameron and Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.

Cover photo by Sean Oulashin, second photo by Danielle Macinnes, third photo by Kelly Sikkema, fourth photo by Joyce McCown on Unsplash and the mind-body chart is made by me.

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