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So on my slow but sure journey to a more sustainable lifestyle and especially clothing options, I found this amazing solution.

Particularly it’s good for those of us who don’t necessarily have the choice of shopping second-hand. In the place where I live there is one (really nice one), but still only one second-hand shop that’s at the moment open maybe twice a week. And I am not talking about people who live in even more remote areas.

So in this kind of situations, you can shop second hand online, isn’t that great? 🙂 Instead of buying new crap from internet shops, you can buy something good and also feel good about yourself.

The funny thing is, I didn’t realize until now (and I know about this website for a while now) it’s available only in Finnish at the moment however the English version is coming soon.
But with translate services we have nowadays, it should be really easy to get all the info basically in any language you want.

And that’s even cooler, think about it you can find second-hand treasures from Finland and get it to your home no matter where you are.
That’s making it even more vintage kind of thing.

I would even suggest if you might know about similar services from other countries, could you share a link?
I would be interested in checking out second-hand options from other countries as well.

And of course, the best thing is the stuff is affordable, which is always great.
You know me, probably more than anybody I think people should get paid fairly for the work they’re doing, but I also don’t think that I should be the one who is paying for that when multimillionaires are getting richer every day when they’re workers can barely afford food for themselves and their families.
But enough of that.

Just check this thing out here: or here: and let me or Piia from Kajo Clothing know what you’re thinking.
And of course, share, let’s spread the word 🙂

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Photo by Peter Conlan on Unsplash.

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