Inner peace

It’s better to come from a place where you totally accept yourself.
If you do certain things to become a better person, achieve something to become “yourself”, what kind of energies do you send to the universe? – I’m not good enough yet. I am not enough.

You can’t pour water from an empty glass.
And in this situation, you’re pouring water to become full.

It’s not possible. And it’s exhausting. Thus no success and no energy. You can’t give what you don’t have.


So what there is to do?

Become full first.

Accept yourself.

You are already the best version of yourself. You are loved. (Even if it’s only by yourself, that’s enough).

You are part of this universe. And you are perfect.

Accept this new reality.

inner peace

You can also introduce some new routines into your everyday life.

Where you actively show yourself that you love yourself.
It can be anything from a silent moment with a cup of your favorite drink, to a fresh nice meal and yoga practice or massage session. Anything that will show that you appreciate yourself.

And there should be no hurry whatsoever. Ever. Everything with its time.

So take your time and enjoy now.

inner peace

And follow me further. Each person is like a unit by itself. Each unit is an autonomous system, and anything inside that unit belongs only there.

Any words, thoughts, ideas, anything. So there is no need to be affected by anything from outside.

There is also no need to change anything that’s outside. As a matter of fact, you can’t even change it. And you shouldn’t. All you can correct is what’s inside you.

Isn’t it freedom?

Freedom to be you and only you. And to be concerned about anything else.

Of course, I don’t mean that you shouldn’t help or act in any other positive way towards others. That’s something else. Always offer a hand if you think someone might need it, but with complete inner peace.

The other person might accept it or might not. But it’s not for you to decide.

The same goes for many other feelings as well.

Think about it. Any negativity that you might have thought were directed towards you were actually persons own inner sufferings.

For me, the realization of this fact brought a lot of inner peace.

I would love to help you to discover your inner peace through gentle yoga practice at home. You are welcome to join my weekly online lessons here or check out my new Youtube channel.

Cover photo by David Marcu, second photo by Joshua Coleman, third photo by Jr Korpa, fourth photo by Tim Arterbury on Unsplash. 

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