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By helping ourselves we help others

A lot of people unconsciously understand that there is something deeply wrong with what’s going on on our planet. Before we had a possibility not to know, but now we can’t hide from reality.

Depression and anxiety come from the realization that something is not right in our world and Western civilization is one big factor for that. I know most of the people are not doing anything bad actively, but being passive and just standing aside is not any better. We try to deny this fact, run away from it and hide from it behind excessive but empty entertainment, but then it comes out as stress and worry. So by helping others, we help ourselves by helping ourselves we help others.


Cover photo by George Kourounis on Unsplash.

One thought on “By helping ourselves we help others

  1. I really agree with you! To reach something on personal, social, or any other level, we need to do something! To make a step. At least one. Small. Step. And not to run away ignoring the world.
    The world needs us and we need the world!

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