Ethical clothing

A gift of being truly yourself and representing sustainability

Does your friend already have everything, but you still want to give them a special something?

Is a big date coming, but you don’t know what to give as a present? Something very special and meaningful? Something that they would love for sure and use for years?

Is it an anniversary, a birthday or a big life-event?

No matter young or old, 16 or 60, or maybe 30 years together? You want to give them something special, that they would love for sure, but they already have everything! Right? That’s my struggle with presents every single time.


Well, look at that (say it as Bob Ross would say).


In the world of crazy and meaningless consumption, all of us deep inside want to have this quiet and peaceful place where you can just breathe deep and be yourself. Feel good about yourself. Do something good. But you don’t know how. Let me tell you something, you can start here.


You can get a gift card, that will not only get your special one exactly what they want, but it also represents and stands for a sustainable and ethical lifestyle. It stands for the environment and humanity. By purchasing this gift card you will support ethical and sustainable manufacturing and promote goods that are made to be enjoyed for years to come.


Your significant one will order a piece of clothing tailored especially to them (that’s for sure something they don’t have already) and it will be a vote for a more sustainable future.


Think about that and purchase here.


With the code ANNLOGIC10, you will get an additional 10€ gift voucher.






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