Feel free

Two different things

It’s two different things when you choose to see the light only and call yourself an optimist when in reality you’re just afraid to acknowledge the whole picture.

And when you see both the light and the darkness and then choose to concentrate on the light despite the darkness.

That’s true optimism.

You can not say, oh I’m an optimist so I don’t want to know/understand/try to understand/acknowledge what’s going on. If you do this you’re part of the problem, part of the darkness.

But if you say I know that there are concentration camps in China. I know that divide and rule is the main policy of the world governments, I know that mainstream media all over the world is controlled and not even close to free. I know they’re trying to start detention centres for anybody who would go against mainstream policies.

And I still choose the light and love, not fear. Fear is the opposite of love.

Then you’re part of the solution.

Don’t think about what you can’t do.

See what you can do. Listen to your heart.

The enemy is inside of each of us.

And now is the time to fight it and put an end to it.

The enemy is fear and you can beat it with love.

Conditioned lives

We’ve been conditioned to live not the lives we want to live. 

To make our parents happy, to make our friends happy, to make society happy.

But what about yourself?

Are you who you are? Or are you somebody else’s reflection of who you think you supposed to be?

How many times this week you had to compromise with your inner self? How many times did you act against yourself?

Because everyone is doing it? Because you will not get promotion otherwise? (And become an even stronger reflection of somebody else’s picture of yourself)

Look at you, it’s not you.

You didn’t come to this world to be an office rat or any kind of rat.

You are a free God-like spirit that has unlimited possibilities.

The fact that you’ve been told that society can function in only one possible way and there are no other options is completely false and have been planted in your head so you will not even imagine that there can be something else, something more.

I don’t know who exactly is profiting from people’s and the world’s misery, but I know that this is the time to finish it. Starting from you.
You can choose to be truly happy.

Not pretending to be happy, not trying to convince yourself that overall you are okay, and it could be worse. Not this.
You can choose to be truly happy and to be truly yourself.

Allow yourself to do only those things that resonate with your heart and leave everything else behind.

Cover photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash, second photo by Jeremy Cai on Unsplash, third photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash

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