Support This Project

It is not an easy task what I am doing here, but a very exciting and meaningful one. The world is not going to change in one day, we will not change it in one day, but we can change the direction of where we all are going gradually.

While starting really small I have very big plans that I am passionate about and here are some of them:


  • I plan to go to the places where our clothes are originally made with video cameras and to show the rest of the world the true reality of how western world's clothing and other material goods are made as a first-hand experience.
  • I plan to start local and online sewing workshops where people could place orders, receive custom made clothing at affordable, mass-market prices and pay directly the sewers.
  • I plan to promote only organic, vegan and cruelty-free materials, so not only humans would benefit but all living creatures and all our planet.


Now you don't need to do all of that with me, however, if you can relate even a tiny bit to any of these issues, if you wish to participate and help to channel the direction of the current situation of humanity, please donate a small amount of money so  we can together make our world a better place for everybody.