How to be happy

What are the reasons why you are not feeling extremely happy right now? Do you ever ask yourself that question? Can you answer this question sincerely to yourself?

What is the difference between a happy and complete person and the opposite of one?

I’ve been thinking about these questions for some time now.

And I think I am onto something.

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5 steps to achieve success

First of all, get rid of all the stuff you don’t need or enjoy anymore. Yeah, it’s not something new, but to my surprise I keep seeing people living in their homes full of crap they’re not using for a long time. These kind of things create stuckness not only in the physical reality but also in the more subtle one.

Be gentle on yourself and don’t throw everything at once. Slowly but surely make space to new energy to arrive into your life. And you’ll create that space by clearing out your physical surrounds.

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Becoming myself

I’m slowly leaving my old self.

I am leaving my old clothes and skin.

And evolving into a new bright, real person.

The old habits that weren’t even truly mine.

They were just automatically learned and adopted as I didn’t know anything else.

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Inner peace

It’s better to come from a place where you totally accept yourself.
If you do certain things to become a better person, achieve something to become “yourself”, what kind of energies do you send to the universe? – I’m not good enough yet. I am not enough.

You can’t pour water from an empty glass.
And in this situation, you’re pouring water to become full.

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Pretty much all my life, I was trying to be someone else. I just got so tired of it. I am who I am, and I don’t want to be anybody else. I am tired of lying, pretending and seeking some kind of acceptance. 

I am going to leave this behind. I am going to be me. No matter what the cost will be, it’s just not worth it. Not anymore. 

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The power of thought 

Sometimes I get flows of thoughts into my head. And I like to write them down. Then I enjoy collecting them and creating kinds of collages of my thoughts on paper.
I think it’s fun and refreshing.

Everyone can find something inspirational or maybe even surprising for themselves. Or maybe not. 

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Feel free

It’s two different things when you choose to see the light only and call yourself an optimist when in reality you’re just afraid to acknowledge the whole picture.

And when you see both the light and the darkness and then choose to concentrate on the light despite the darkness.

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Wake up calls

Why do you care so much? Why don’t you just live your life peacefully and let other people decide what’s acceptable and what’s not? You will not change this world by yourself. There are so many other problems anyway.

Isn’t it better just to close your eyes and pretend that everything is okay?

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