Be yourself

Be yourself, follow your passion, care for others

Why art you might ask yourself? It’s all about sustainable clothes, so why did you call it art?

I already described in my about page why I am so passionate about sustainable clothing solutions, but I would like to add, that clothes are a huge part of everybody’s life. With some minor exceptions, almost all people wear clothes all the time. 

It’s almost like food, that you eat every day, there will be no single day without you wearing something. And it’s also like food serving us the vital necessities, like protection from the cold or the sun. But you will agree with me that there is much more to that. Even the earliest human civilizations used different kinds of decorations. And nowadays clothing is one of the most direct ways to express our identity and to show others who we are.


Now, is that just clothes anymore?

It’s much more, it’s a powerful tool to influence the world around us. And I don’t need to tell you how the world ‘around you’ is not only your closest neighborhood. If you have even one social media account and you put pictures there, it’s literally all the world.

So did you ever think what kind of message are you sending to the world with your outfits? 🙂


And let me go even deeper. Of course, the style, the design, the colors etc, will tell a lot, but is there more to that?

Believe me, there is. 

You can tell the world that you care about those who made your clothes. You can tell that you care about the environmental impact that your clothes have. And the fact that you care will tell much more about you than any famous brand or fancy design.

Take a deep breathe and think about it.

I feel that the world is changing and there is less and less space for blind thoughtless consumption. 



So from here, let’s go even deeper.

It’s amazing to care about others, but you know, if you don’t care about yourself, you will never be able to truly be kind to others. So what’s the best way to care about yourself? I believe at some point I will write a post about that subject itself, but if to be quick, the best way is to be yourself. 

Be yourself as everybody else’s roles are taken 🙂

And then follow your passion, as you will never be truly happy if you will not do what you like to do. The time here is limited so use it wisely and with love. 

Isn’t it the art of life? 

I think in a way it is. 

What do you think? 🙂

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Cover photo by Brooke Cagle, second photo by Marco Secchi and third photo by Ian Dooley on Unsplash.

4 thoughts on “Be yourself, follow your passion, care for others

  1. Dig the read! It’s really interesting how what we wear sends different messages to people from different walks of life. Some approve and some don’t, and that’s okay. As for if I’m aware about what message is being sent to others based on my clothing: I am, and sometimes I just don’t care. If I want to wear comfy clothes, then I will. And if others think the style combination looks weird, then so be it haha. Don’t let others affect your clothing style.

    Definitely work on improving yourself first before helping others first. Don’t and things can and will go downhill from there.

    1. Thank you for your comment! My point is that also unwritten stuff, like who made my clothes, sends a message to the world. Like if you’re wearing something that you know it’s sustainable in all the ways, you’re saying I care 🙂 but it’s good that you don’t care what other people will think of your style, me neither 😀

  2. Great read! I was just talking to a friend in the fashion industry about what she called ‘fast clothes’ and how damaging they are to us and the people overseas who make them, often in terrible conditions. Being responsible means being fully responsible. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Exactly! Fast fashion is extremely damaging for humans and the environment. Thank you for your comment 🙂

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